Thank a Cleaner Day 2020

Thank you for keeping us safe!

2020 has been incredibly challenging for everyone with a stark reminder of how precious life is and of what is most important. The words “Health and Safety” are embedded in our work and personal lives. COVID-19 has brought an increased focus on two other words “Hygiene and Sanitisation”.

Yet, Hygiene and Sanitisation have always been the norm for over 1200 Springmount Services cleaners across Australia. To the public these people are nameless faces behind cleaning trollies, ghosts in the night who have sparkling office kitchens and bathrooms ready each morning, or machinery operators rugged-up pre-dawn keeping our floors, footpaths and carparks clean.

You might not know their names, but we do. “Thank a Cleaner Day” is the perfect opportunity to shout out their names, and show some of the smiling faces who are keeping us safe now, just as they always have.

On this “Thank a Cleaner Day” many of our Springmount Services sites will have celebratory morning teas, lunches or get-togethers which we will share throughout the day. If you see a cleaner today, please take the time to thank them. They deserve it!

We are proud that no Springmount Services cleaners come down with COVID-19 even though confirmed public cases had visited some of our sites. In all situations, our cleaners were professional and efficient in making their sites safe, and our client feedback was exceptional. We want to make a special mention of all the cleaners who continued to work on the front line during COVID-19 shut-downs and outbreaks, keeping our clients and the general public protected.

 To our incredible Springmount Services team members – our heartfelt thank you for the hard work, loyalty and dedication you show every day.