Speak up

Springmount Services Speak Up and Whistleblower Policy has been put in place to ensure our employees can raise concerns regarding any misconduct (illegal, corrupt or other inappropriate conduct) without being subject to victimisation, harassment or discriminatory treatment.

Springmount Services encourages employees to report issues who have reasonable ground or suspect misconduct in relation to the company.

Misconduct includes but is not limited to:

  • not receiving paid entitlements in accordance with the applicable industrial award.
  • dishonest, fraudulent or corrupt activities
  • illegal activity such as theft, drug sale or use
  • violence, harassment or intimidation
  • criminal damage to property
  • breaches of state or federal law
  • unethical conduct
  • questionable accounting practices
  • abuse of authority
  • discrimination, victimisation or bullying.
  • breaching Code of Conduct or other policies
  • unsafe work practices or environmental damage
  • health risks or abuse of property or resources
  • bribery, dishonestly altering company records

Reports can be made by anyone who is, or has been any of the following:

  • employees
  • directors
  • officers
  • contractors
  • suppliers or consultants
  • relatives, dependents or spouses of any of the above

be heard

Use your voice and report workplace misconduct.

To file a report, please email speakup@springmountservices.com.au or call our 24/7 line: 1300 100 475.

Alternatively, you can submit anonymously using the form below.

Whistleblower Form
Note: Please select 'Yes' if you are happy to be identified or want an email response. If you want to remain anonymous, please select 'No'.

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