Physical and Electronic Security

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It is critical that you, your customers and stakeholders feel welcome and are safe at your facilities.

Springmount Services brings expertise in protecting our client’s important human and physical assets and giving that surety.

Springmount Services Security Guard Tech


Our trained, highly visible uniformed security officers deliver Security services in accordance with the client’s requirements. These services include internal and external roving patrols and inspections of client premises to identify any security threats, WH&S risks, damage, vandalism or equipment faults.

Our friendly staff act as customer service liaisons to enhance the customer experience of our client’s site, whilst being a deterrent for any anti-social or unwanted behavior.


Springmount’s concierge and customer service staff are immaculately presented and provide a friendly, warm and welcoming environment.

Understanding the role and identifying the right type of person for this is paramount when recruiting, after all our employees are brand ambassadors of our clients. To ensure this, our dedicated HR and operations team often source candidates from outside of the security industry with customer service or hospitality experience, and then provide them with the necessary additional security and situational awareness training.


Springmount helps you maintain constant security and protection through innovative technology solutions. We provide bespoke and highly secure technology security solutions for businesses in retail, commercial and other sectors to ensure staff safety and maintain secure access.


Springmount is supported by Australia’s largest fleet of marked security vehicles to provide random inspections of unattended assets, while ensuring the most efficient response to duress and alarm activations through use of the most advanced despatch, navigation and reporting technology.

Our comprehensive suite of Security Services includes

    • Static and Physical Guards
    • Event Security
    • Concierge Services
    • Mobile Security Patrols
    • Alarm Monitoring and Control Room Response
    • Gatehouse and Weighbridge Operations
    • Customised solutions
Springmount Security Guard jacket, cap and with walkie talkie

Our comprehensive suite of Security Services includes

    • Static and Physical Guards
    • Event Security
    • Concierge Services
    • Mobile Security Patrols
    • Alarm Monitoring and Control Room Response
    • Gatehouse and Weighbridge Operations
    • Customised solutions

Our dedicated team of security professionals operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Every one of our security team:

  • are formally trained
  • hold all relevant licences and accreditations
  • have First Aid certification

Our Security Sector leaders have over 20 years of experience in the security industry.

Jason Geoghegan

Security Operations Manager

Jason has over sixteen years experience in the Security Industry and is responsible for managing the operations of our Security contracts. His experience covers a broad range of functions within senior roles in the Security industry in particular, Health, Retail, Commercial, Concierge and Electronic Security. Jason has provided Security consultation to numerous private and government organisations to drive Security efficiencies. Jason is results focused and works with his clients to minimise security risks and deliver quality outcomes.

Adam Security Headshot

Adam Howard

Adam is a security industry professional with over 25 years of experience in security management, security operations and risk management in State and National roles.

His proven experience in major event management and integrated services across a variety of industry sectors provides a unique perspective on the security and property services industry. Adam's experience also includes specialised training with Police and Military personnel, security personnel and aviation personnel as well as other Government agencies.

As an Integrated Security Services provider, Springmount Services specialises in manpower security services in these sectors:

  • Retail
  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Health
  • Transport and logistics
  • Hotel accommodation

Springmount Services delivers a value-adding service model to our client’s property with our established and experienced Security Management Team driving operational excellence.

We lead the way in security best practice and use leading edge technology platforms to provide clients with real time incident management and reporting data.

These mobile solutions upload data instantly and provide management and clients with accurate statistical analysis. This provides information for quick response to dynamic situations so our team can rapidly deploy resources where they are needed most.

Our security guards, patrols and team members are equipped with the best technology and equipment to ensure their safety and the safety of our client’s guests. From radios to torches, mobile phones to utility belts, our team always have access to the best to ensure our performance is never compromised.

To ensure our Security team on your property are the best trained and skilled, our Springmount Services online platform provides:

  • Tool-Box Training
  • training compliance reminders
  • licence renewal reminders
  • a comprehensive skills matrix that is maintained and visible to clients 

Face to face training is also a key feature of the Springmount Services Security service offering. In-person training for Optimal Guest Experience, Managing Conflict and Aggression, Communication Skills and other essential frontline skills are a sample of the regular upskilling our team undertake.

Our uniforms can be customised to reflect the nature of our client’s property. We offer flexible styles based on your need from traditional security-wear, formal corporate uniforms to more casual polo-shirt styles Springmount Services can tailor a uniform package to suit any requirement.