Keeping you safe

In early 2020 Springmount Services quickly established a dedicated Pandemic Team from across our business. Their purpose was fast action to assist in the management and operational activities related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Springmount Services have supported corporate and government clients in the immediate aftermath of COVID-19 outbreaks and continue to do so. Our fast response to ensure clean and safe environments managed risk for the public and our clients.

We are proud to help prevent and control health-associated infections with best practice healthcare and environmental cleaning.

Protecting you, your customers and our team

During the rapid escalation of COVID-19, Springmount Services has been at the forefront to ensure our staff are trained, knowledgeable and skilled to provide clients with safe and clean solutions. We work closely with all relevant authorities to ensure best practices in delivering the highest level deep-cleaning services and management of high-risk areas.

Throughout these unprecedented times, Springmount Services has actioned processes to ensure our clients and  frontline staff understand  potential risks and how to stay safe by:

COVID-19 Deep Cleaning Enquiries

NSW Springmount Bus Sanitising
COVID-19 Deep Clean
Fogging for COVID 19

Our Ongoing Commitment

Our frontline works remains a priority to keep everyone safe using Springmount Services 20 years of proven experience.

We use transparent and efficient communication channels with our clients to allow our team to act rapidly and safely in case of infection onsite. 

What is Springmount Services doing about the COVID-19 Pandemic?

  • Strictly following Government advice at the development of the virus at every stage
  • Continuing remote working processes for support staff and using conference calls with clients to minimise physical contact
  • Understanding individual clients challenges and needs. We work to provide the most effective and highly-customised cleaning solutions for each.

“COVID-19 incident” and “COVID-19 prevention” deep cleaning services

  • We are available at short-notice with fully-trained cleaning teams for specialised deep-cleaning services
  • In cases of a suspected infection, our team will customise a deep-cleaning package for immediate roll-out. Please click here to get a quote.

What is our plan for suspected cases of COVID-19?

COVID-19 is an ongoing threat so we take all suspected cases of infection seriously. Guided by government protocol, we work with our clients on:

  • Isolating areas of infection
  • Quarantining members of the staff immediately who may have been in contact with the affected area or person.
  • Organised swift COVID-19 tests
  • Conducting a COVID-19 safe compliant deep-clean of the affected area/s

In this unprecedented global pandemic, our team is continually working to adjust our practices for safe, effective and innovative cleaning solutions. Our role supporting our clients, our team and the public has never been greater. We remain committed to delivering a safe environment for all.

Please contact us if we can support you and your customers in specific challenges or to discuss our broader range of solutions.